How we nailed Magento 2 checkout slow issues

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Today, Magento 2 is one of the most popular platforms to build & manage online business.

But, problems like Magento 2 checkout slow affects site performance & ruin your business.

Often, this happens due to Magento settings like production off mode, javascript bundling enable, caching settings and much more.

At 1 onlyhost, we often get requests from our customers to resolve the problems with “Magento 2 checkout slow” as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, we’ll see how our Support Engineers solved the checkout slow issue in Magento 2.



3 tips to optimize checkout slowness in Magento 2

From our experience in managing servers, recently one of our customers approached us reporting that the checkout page on Magento 2 is loading slow.

To solve this issue there are various methods.

Let’s see how our Support Engineers figured it out in Magento admin panel.

1. Run in Production mode

Magento 2 (M2) has three running modes like default, developer, and production. Production mode is the fastest one. It speeds up checkout slow problems when production mode is turned on.

In the terminal, we run the command to check the current mode:

bin/magento deploy:mode:show

Then, we switch to production mode by running the command:

bin/magento deploy:mode:set production

This fixed the problem & the user could checkout the Magento 2 page without any delay.

2. Disable JS Bundling

Javascript (JS) bundling is a special feature of Magento 2. Activating JS bundling create a huge file (5-10Mb) with Javascript code and affects in page load time. This leads to checkout slow issue.

So, our Support Engineers took the following steps to disable JS Bundling in Magento 2.

1. First, we logged into the Magento 2 panel.

2. Then, we navigate to Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer section.

3. Under Javascript settings, choose NO in Enable Javascript Bundling field.

4. Finally, clicked Save Config.

That’s how we disabled JS Bundling in Magento 2.

3. Turn on cache

The cache acts as a buffer between the user and the web server. It faster server response time, also known as TTFB (Time-to-first-byte) & stabilize the page load time. When the cache is turned off it takes more time to load & results in checkout slow problems.

So, we always check cache settings if the site suddenly becomes slow and unresponsive by doing the following steps.

1. We logged into the Magento 2 panel.

2. Under the menu, we go to System > Cache Management.

3. Next, we clicked to enable the cache as shown below.

4. At last, we saved the settings.

That’s how we fixed the checkout slow issue.

[Having problems with checkout slow issue in Magento 2? We’ll fix it for you.]


In short, checkout slow problem in Magento 2 causes poor website performance and also make users troublesome. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers solved the Magento 2 checkout slow issue for maximum speed and performance.

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