Restore Exim Configuration

Restore Exim Configuration

We all are familiar with the name EXIM; it is a mail transfer agent which is included with cPanel. We can configure the EXIM from WHM interface itself. There is a certain setting we need to edit on our exim configuration to make EXIM functional according to our requirement. For example, if we wish to relay emails through anti-spam software like MailChannels etc we need to add some configuration settings on the EXIM configuration. By default, Exim sends emails from the server primary IP address we can configure Exim to send emails from each domain dedicated IP address by adding some settings on the same. So while doing all these stuff initially before making changes we need to take a backup of the exim configuration files and if anything wrong happens we can easily restore the Exim configuration with those backups. We can save the backup either on the server itself or you can download the same to local backup using the Exim Configuration Manager. Also, we can use this option to clone the Exim configuration setting we have configured on one of the servers to another by taking the backup of the exim configuration and restoring the same to all the needed systems.

You can access the Exim configuration from

WHM >> Home >> Service Configuration >> Exim Configuration Manager


Please refer the below screenshot for better awareness.

1) Login to your WHM using the username and root password.

Restore Exim Configuration


2) Click the option ‘Service Configuration’ to list all the configuration settings.

Restore Exim Configuration


3) Open the ‘Exim Configuration Manager’.

Restore Exim Configuration


4) From the Exim Configuration Manager, select the ‘Restore’ option.

Restore Exim Configuration


5) We have two options for restoring the backup. We can restore the backup from the local system or can restore the backup saved in the server itself.

Restore Exim Configuration


If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.

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