Email Management in Plesk

Email Management in Plesk

In this article we are going to discuss about Email management in Plesk control panel.

Create Email Account

You can refer the following steps to create Email account in Plesk.

1: Login to Plesk Admin Panel.

2: Click on “Domains” option from left tab.


3: Click “Manage Hosting” option of the domain you want to modify.

Email Management in Plesk


4: Now we can see control panel of the domain. Click “Mail” listed at the top of the home page.

Email Management in Plesk


5: Now under Email Addresses section we can see “Create Email Address” option. Click on it.

Email Management in Plesk


6: A new page will open to create new Email account and under tab “General” we need to add Email address, password and Email quota for new account we are going to create.

You need to keep the “Mail Box” option enabled, otherwise mailbox will not be created for your Email account. If you wish to use the Email address as Email forwarder, you can disable the option.



Also you can set up Email limit for outgoing mails. By default the value is 10 mails per hour. Finally click “OK” and you can see it at the bottom of the page.

That will create a new Email account.


Email Forwarder Setup

1: Click on “Mail” option from the domain control panel.

Email Management in Plesk


2: Click on the Email address on which you wish to setup Email forwarding.

Email Management in Plesk


3: Click “Forwarding” tab from the next page. Then enable the option “Switch on Email Forwarding” and Email address you want to set as forwarder for this Email account.

Email Management in Plesk


Now all incoming messages to that Email will forward to the Email addresses you mentioned in the box.


Email Alias Setup

Next to “Forwarding” option we can see Email Aliases” option which help you to setup aliases for the Email address.

Email Management in Plesk


Add the username of the Email account you want to set as alias in the “Email alias” box, then click “OK”.


Remove Email Address

You can use the following steps to remove Email accounts from Plesk panel.

1: Go to “Mail” tab at the home page of the domain control panel.

2: Now we can see lists of the existing Email address.

3: Select Email account(s) you want to remove, then click “Remove” as shown in the image.

Email Management in Plesk


That will remove the selected Email Accounts.

This concludes Email Management in Plesk.

If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.

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