Best Open Source IP Address Management Softwares

Best Open Source IP Address Management Softwares

IP address management softwares are used at organizations where it holds a pool of IP addresses and allocate them to the clients.  This tool helps to track used, reserved, allocated or free IP addresses. I will provide a clear overview on resource usage of IP addresses in an organization as a whole. Using this tool allows for the organization to know which IP address are readily available. IP address management tool prevents the fragmentation of IP addresses usage. System admin working in Local Internet registry(LIR) can utilize IP address management software to better assist them.


IPplan or also in the past known as iptrack provides a clean web interface for IP address management with great features such as:

1) IPv6 support.

2) Multi-language interface.

3) Split and join of IP networks.

4) Import from routing tables and XML/CVS files.

5) Multiple user groups.

6) Overlapping detection, search, audit, triggers etc.

Postgresq, MySQL or Oracle are the database used to store the data of IPplan. The Application program interface in IPplan helps to create Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) based on IPplan’s database. IPplan will work on any operating system that can run the php language and supports one of the above databases.


The main features are:

1) Support for IPv6 (currently in BETA from version 6.00-BETA1).

2) Internationalization.

3) Importing network definitions from routing tables.

4) Importing definitions from TAB delimited files and NMAP’s XML format.

5) Multiple administrators with different access profiles (per group, allowing access per customer, per network etc.).

6) Define address space authority boundaries per group.

7) Finding free address space across a range.

8) Split and join networks to make them smaller and larger – ip definitions remain intact.

9) Display overlapping address space between networks.

10) Search capabilities.

11) An audit log.

12) Statistics.

13) Keeping track of and sending SWIP/RIPE/APNIC registrar information.

14) DNS administration (forward and reverse zones, import existing zones via zone transfer).

15) Template system to extend IPplan to contain site specific information like circuit data, host configuration data, asset information.

16) Device configuration file management.

17) Link addresses together via pointers – ideal for NAT.

18) External style sheet to change display look.

19) Triggers – every user event can call a user defined function – useful to execute backend DNS scripts.

20) External poller – scan subnets for active addresses to gather usage statistics.

21) IP address request system – allows users to request static IP addresses from the database.



GestióIP is a well maintained IP Address Management system available under GPLv3 license. Users of GestióIP are the one mainly who are looking for a clean and simple IPAM with basic features. The web interface facilitates are:

1) IPv4 and IPv6 tracking.

2) Powerful network discovery functions.

3) Search and filter functions for both networks and host.

4) Allows network discovering.

5) Search.

6) Filtering, splitting/joining of IP networks.

7) Statistics.

8) Embedded IP calc etc.


The main features of GestióIP IP address management software are:

1) Easy usage and clear presentation of data.

2) Powerful quick-search for both network and host directly accessible from every page, permitting Internet Search Engine equivalent expressions like “exact match” or -string_to_ignore

3) Possibility to independently manage the address ranges for different clients.

4) An incorporated VLAN management system.

5) An incorporated management system for leased and dial-up lines.

6) An incorporated management system for autonomous systems.

7) Network and VLAN discovery via SNMP.

8) Host discovery via SNMP and DNS.

9) DNS zone file generator for forward and reverses zones (supporting BIND and tiny dns zone files).

10) Shows host status.

11) One-click-check if an IP address answers to ping and if DNS A y PTR entries are correctly configured.

12) Split/join/scaling up/scaling down networks (host entries can be maintained).

13) Shows free network ranges.

14) Integrated hierarchical IPv6 addressing plan builder.

15) Customizable columns for networks and hosts.

16) Reservation of IP ranges for special usage (e.g. DHCP).

17) Web form to migrate easily from spreadsheet (.xls – MS Excel) based IP address management to GestióIP IPAM.

18) Web form to import networks from SNMP enabled devices.

19) Web form to export networks or host to CSV files.

20) Automatic update of the networks via SNMP.

21) Automatic update of the networks against DNS.

22) Automatic update of the networks against OCS Inventory NG.

23) Statistics.

24) Full auditable.

25) Easy, script-based installation.

26) Well documented.

27) Multilingual (Brasilian-Portugues, Catalan, Chinese (traditional and modern), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian).

28) Full IPv4 and IPv6 support.

29) GestióIP offers optionally a powerful Configuration Backup and Management Module (the module is a “non-free” component and requires to acquire a license key for its activation).


If you need any further assistance please reach our support department.


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