How to Reset cPanel Password?

How to Reset cPanel Password?

The cPanel is a control panel that will allow you to manage your server/website without having many details about the working of the server. It is protected by the password authentication. As every password protected the application, it is wise to reset the password at periodic intervals. This is like changing the lock of the main gate of your property. It will improve the security of the cPanel account.

There is an admin part for cPanel and it is known as WebHost Manager (WHM). If the service you have with us is a server (VPS, Quick Server or Dedicated Server) with cPanel, you will have the WHM access also. In shared hosting, root level access is not available for customers. Please note that in this tutorial, we are going to see how to reset the password of the cPanel but not the WHM.


Steps to reset cPanel password

Step 1: Login to cPanel

To login to cPanel, please add the port 2083 followed by a full colon and call the website over https. An example is given below.


Now, you will get the cPanel login page. Please login to the cPanel with the current username and password.


Step 2: Go to Password & Security

Now you are inside the cPanel. To reset the password, look for the Password & Security under the Preferences section and click on the link to proceed. An example is shown below.

Reset cPanel password


Now you will be lead to the next page where you will be asked to enter the current password and new password. You need to use a strong password for better security. Stronger the password better the password authentication security.

You could also use the password generator offered by cPanel to generate a strong password. You could refer the below screenshots for detailed understanding.

Reset cPanel password


Another box will be displayed for the password generator and you could generate the password by clicking on the Generate button. The generated password will be displayed on the text box and you need to check the checkbox before “I have copied this password in a safe place” so that you will be able to use the password. After copying the password, please click on the button use password to use the generated password as the new password. A screenshot is added for reference.

Reset cPanel password


This is how you can reset the cPanel password from the cPanel interface itself. You could follow this method when you reset password as part of periodical reset. Means, you need to know the current password to use this method. If you are unaware of the current password, please contact our support with a verification option like the Call in PIN. You can get it from the home page of the portal at

If you need any further help please do reach our support department.

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