Install Centova Cast on cPanel Server

Install Centova Cast on cPanel Server

Centova Cast is the most advanced Radio stream hosting control panel, through that you can manage a single station easily, or you can automate a stream hosting business with thousands of customers. Let’s discuss some Key features of Centova Cast panel.

1) Easy web-based stream configuration

2) AutoDJ support with powerful playlist scheduler

3) Drag-and-drop AJAX media library

4) Automatic stream monitoring/restarting

5) Compatible with ShoutCast/IceCast and many autoDJs

Before discussing the installation steps, let’s discuss the System Requirements of Centova Cast panel to reduce the issues.


Operating system:

CentOS 6/7 or equivalent RHEL release.


Database server:

MySQL v5.0 – v5.6 or equivalent MariaDB version.

Also needs a Streaming server, if you wish to use AutoDJ capabilities as we mentioned on key features. Then we need a compatible streaming server such as SHOUTcast v2.x, Ice Cast v2.x, etc.

Let’s discuss the steps to install the Centova Cast on our cPanel server.

1) Login to your WHM Panel as root, and then click on “Security Center” under “Security” and click on “PHP open_basedir Tweak’. This will open a list of the website on your server, place a check mark on the website which you want to run Centova Cast and click on “Save” at the bottom.


2) The next step is to disable PHP safe mode, if you need then you can disable PHP safe_mode for all the website easily via WHM panel. For that, click on “Service Manager” under “Service Configuration” and then set Safe Mode to Off and then click “Save” at the bottom of the page. If you have done so, then you can skip step-3.


3) If you need to disable PHP safe mode for a single website which you want to run Centova Cast then login to your server via SSH as root user and then execute the below command.

# vi /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf

Find the website’s virtual host entry and then add below entry immediately before closing the virtual host (</virtualhost>) for that website.

php_admin_value safe_mode Off

For example, the result should look like:



…(several other lines here)

php_admin_value safe_mode Off


Save the file and restart Apache by executing below command.

# systemctl restart httpd

Now the cPanel is fully configured to run the Centova Cast, now we need to install the Centova Cast on that domain.

4) We need to go to the domains document root and then download the Centova Cast installation script by running the below command and make it executable.

# wget -O

# chmod a+x ./

Replace LICENSEKEY with the exact license from your client area.


5) Next step is to execute the install script, before running the script we need to decide which streaming software want Centova Cast to install. Centova Cast supports automatic installation of the following streaming software by putting corresponding options in the installation script:

1) ShoutCast DNAS v2: add –shoutcast2

2) ShoutCast DNAS v1: add –shoutcast1

3) IceCast: add –icecast

4) Liquidsoap: add –liquidsoap

5) ices-cc: add –icescc

6) sctrans v2: add –sctrans2

6) Execute the script by executing the command.

# ./ <options>

For example, to install ShoutCast DNAS v1 with Liquid soap, you might use:

# ./ –shoutcast1 –liquidsoap

Note that you need to open the port 2199 on the firewall. After completing the installation you need to visit this on any Browser as http://domain:2199 or https://domain:2199 and choose an admin password and provide the MySQL connection information. After few minutes Centova Cast will let you know that the installation was successful and will redirect you to the login page of Centova Cast.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact

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