Webalizer Statistics Explained

Webalizer Statistics Explained

What is Webalizer?

There are many types of statistics viewers in the cPanel. Generally, there is Analog Stats, AWStats, and Webalizer. All the three have its own advantages and disadvantages. If one is accurate, another one will be easy to view and user-friendly when the next will not dump the large size of caches and all. All three have their own advantages and disadvantages. So it is up to your wish to choose which statistics application to be used.

In this documentation, we are going to see about the Webalizer. It is a very useful feature on the cPanel. Using Webalizer, you can see the traffic statistics of your website. Let’s see the Webalizer in detail.

How does Webalizer works?

There is a statistics program in the cPanel called, Webalizer statistics program. The Webalizer will use this program to check and display the statistics. It will provide you a list of charts and graphs for the traffic of your website.


What statistics can be viewed from Webalizer?

Using Webalizer, you can view a number of connection details to the server.  The following information can be viewed from Webalizer.

1) Daily and hourly statistics in graphs and tables.

2) The links through which visitors access your website.

3) HTTP codes.

4) Operating systems

5) Browser information.

6) Countries of origin.


How to view Webalizer statistics from cPanel?

It’s easy to see the Webalizer statistics from the cPanel. You could access the below steps to view the Webalizer statistics.

1) Login to cPanel.

You could log in to the cPanel by appending the port to the domain name as shown below.


eg: https://mydomain.com:2083

This will lead you to the cPanel login page. You could enter the username and password for the cPanel account to enter into the cPanel interface.


2) Now go to Metrices >> Webalizer as shown in the below screenshot. You would be lead to the next page.

Webalizer Statistics Explained


3) You can see a list of the domains associated with the cPanel account. Now, you need to click on the button “View” next to the domain you wish to see the statistics. Please refer the below screenshot for any clarification.Webalizer Statistics Explained


Now you will be redirected to the next page.


4) In this page, you could view the Webalizer statistics of the domain.

Webalizer Statistics Explained

This is how you can view the Webalizer statistics from cPanel interface.

If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.


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