mysqldump: Got error: 1033: Incorrect information in file – Quick fix for you

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Customers may often lose their website due to the hacking of websites or failure of hard drives

This is where mysqldump is used for any MySQL database backup.

However, it may cause errors such as “mysqldump: Got error: 1033: Incorrect information in file” while taking the database backup.

This error happens due to reasons like corrupted in InnoDB engine, broken MySQL database and much more.

At 1 onlyhost , we often get requests from our customers to fix mysqldump error: 1033 as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, we’ll see how our Support Engineers fix “mysqldump: Got error: 1033: Incorrect information in file” error.

Reasons and exact fix for mysqldump related errors

One of the best option to save important files from data loss is back up. In fact, there is a utility like mysqldump is available to take database backup. Also, a major advantage of the mysqldump is that the created files have a very simple and readable internal format.

Let’s see the top 3 reasons for mysqldump error: 1033 and how our Support Engineers fixed it.

1. MySQL engine not running

Many customers face mysqldump error: 1033  as a result of the MySQL engine did not load up when MySQL restarted.

For example, In InnoDB MySQL engine, our Support Engineers run the command mysql> SHOW ENGINES; and got the following result.

Here, the InnoDB engine was disabled. That’s why MySQL engine didn’t load when MySQL rebooted. By using the “lsof” command, our Support Engineers checked which processes were currently running and which files were opened on the server. Then, we found a mysqld process holding the file lock. So, we killed it by using the command kill -9 and then restarted MySQL.

2. Innodb corruption

From our experience in managing server, we’ve seen that customers facing error  “mysqldump: Got error: 1033:” while backing up the database. one of the reason to occurs this error is corrupted Innodb.

Let’s take a closer look at an example of this type of errors how our Support Engineers fixed it.

1. Initially, we logged into the server as a root user.

2. Then, we checked the status of Mysql service and fount that Mysql service was currently not running on the server. And, During further investigation, we got below error.

InnoDB: corruption in the InnoDB tablespace.

3. InnoDB has an option called “innodb_force_recovery”. This will help to recover MySQL to a stable state and fix corruption. However, doing force recovery can often cause data loss. Luckily, in this case, our Support Engineers could recover the database after setting innodb_force_recovery value as “1”. And, this fixed the issue.

3. Out of memory

Sometimes, the insufficient memory may cause error “mysqldump: Got error: 1033:”.

Then our Support Engineers opened /etc/my.cnf and changed the following parameters.

max_connections = 2500
query_cache_limit = 2M
query_cache_size = 150M
tmp_table_size = 200M
max_heap_table_size = 300M
key_buffer_size = 300M
tmpdir = /dev/shm

Then, we restarted the mysql service

service mysqld restart

[Getting error mysqldump: Got error: 1033:? We’ll fix it for you.]


In short, the error “mysqldump: Got error: 1033: Incorrect information in file” may happen due to reasons like corrupted in InnoDB engine and broken MySQL database. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers fixed this error.

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