phpPgAdmin login failed – Top causes and fixes

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Login failures literally stop you from accessing any application.

In the same way, the phpPgAdmin login failed message prohibits database edits.

Usually, the bad setup in the configuration file ends up in the phpPgAdmin login failed error.

So, at 1 onlyhost we often get requests to fix phpPgAdmin login failed error, as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s have a look into the login failed error and see how our Support Engineers fix it.



When does the phpPgAdmin show Login fail?

These days, using PostgreSQL databases for websites or applications is quite common. Thus, it always needs a method for quick database access.

phpPgAdmin is a web-based front end for managing PostgreSQL databases. The graphical interface in the phpPgAdmin makes the database management task easier.

But in many situations, users can’t log in with the correct login details. This a common phpPgAdmin error that our Support Engineers often fix for our customers.

Usually, the error shows up when the user tries to log in to phpPgAdmin. The typical error is message appears as.

phpPgAdmin login failed error page.

Causes and fixes for phpPgAdmin login failed error

There are a few reasons that lead to phpPgAdmin login failed error. Usually, some bad settings in the configuration file show up this error.

Our customers often approach our Support Team to fix the login failed errors.

As the first step of troubleshooting, we check the server logs. Mostly, the logs give the exact reason that leads to the error.

Sometimes, there will not be any log regarding this error. This indicates that the phpPgAdmin is unable to connect to the PostgreSQL database.

Let’s see a few configuration setting that causes the error. And we will discuss how our Support Team fixes this error.

1. Enable access to the server

In most cases, disabling access to the PostgreSQL server in the configuration file can lead to the error.

So, when the customer tries to log in, it shows up the login failed message. Then, our Support Team edits the pg_hba.conf file in the PostgreSQL data directory. And to enable access to the PostgreSQL server using md5 authentication mechanism, we add the entry as:

host all all md5

2. Accept remote connections

If the phpPgAdmin and PostgreSQL are on different servers, then this remote connection initially ends up in error.

In this case, our Support Engineers edit the postgresql.conf file. Here we change the value of listen_address from localhost to all.

listen_addresses = '*'

Here * symbol denotes ‘all IPs’. Some customers do not prefer giving access to all connections. Then we can provide individual IPs separated by a comma in the above line.

Similarly, to allow remote connections, we change the boolean parameter in PostgreSQL 7.4. The parameter in the file should appear as

tcpip_socket = true

Finally, we restart PostgreSQL after changing the parameters.

3. Configuration setup in phpPgAdmin

So far, we saw the fixes in the PostgreSQL side. Similarly, bad settings in the phpPgAdmin configuration file also show up the same error.

By default, the configuration file on phpPgAdmin is conf/

Usually, the login failed errors show up when the parameters in this file are not set properly.

Thus, the Support Engineers check and set up the configuration file.

Usually, the parameters that need to be properly setup are,



After setting it accordingly, we ensure that the customer can log in successfully.

[Still having trouble in fixing phpPgAdmin login failed error? –We will help you.]


In short, the phpPgAdmin login failed error occur due to bad setting in the configuration files of both phpPgAdmin and PostgreSQL. We also saw how our Support Engineers fix this error.

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