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best student hosting in india


Empowering Students to Create Their Own Blogs and Websites

The Student Empowerment Project, backed by 1Only Host, seeks to empower students by enabling them to craft their unique blogs, personal pages, or professional portfolios on the web. Our aim is to foster and enhance students' abilities in web development, design, and digital marketing as they navigate their academic paths, recognizing these skills as crucial in today's highly competitive environment.

Student Hosting Plan



best Student hosting in india

Why choose Student Hosting from 1Only Host

At 1Only Host, we understand the unique needs of student hosting, and we're dedicated to providing an exceptional experience tailored specifically to students.

Cloud Technology


Our services harness cutting-edge Cloud Technology, delivering unparalleled Reliability and Redundancy. Unlike traditional bare-metal Web Hosting, where limitations arise, Cloud technology excels, offering seamless hardware upgrades with zero downtime and zero data loss.

Lightning fast website loading Speed

Lightning fast
website loading Speed

Just as our Cloud Technology ensures reliability and redundancy, our hosting also guarantees lightning-fast website loading speeds. Powered by advanced infrastructure and optimized configurations, our services prioritize swift content delivery, ensuring an exceptional user experience for your visitors.

Web Security You can rely on

Web Security
You can rely on

Rest assured, your website’s security is our top priority. With our comprehensive web security measures, you can trust that your online presence is in safe hands.

Guaranteed stability and uptime

stability and uptime

Experience guaranteed stability and uninterrupted uptime with our hosting services. We pride ourselves on maintaining a rock-solid infrastructure, ensuring your website remains accessible around the clock.

Technical Support

Technical Support
from certified experts

Access top-tier technical support from certified experts who are dedicated to resolving your queries and issues promptly. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need to keep your website running smoothly.


We offer server locations in: USA, India, France, Singapore, Finland, Falkenstein, Japan, and the Australia.

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Is your institution seeking to collaborate for student hosting services?

Frequently Asked Questions

Student web hosting refers to a service tailored specifically for students who require web hosting resources for educational or personal projects. It provides students with the necessary tools and resources to create and manage their websites.

Our student web hosting plan provides free domain registration and hosting services to students. This includes 1GB SSD Disk Space, 5GB bandwidth, 1email account, and other essential features needed to host a website. this will help them create their portfolio, personal blog or what ever they wanted to create as a student.

our student hosting plan can be purchased by the students, who wanted to get their website, or who are into digital marketing domain. or those institutions who wanted to provide web hosting to their students with a domain name.

To avail of the free domain and hosting, simply sign up for our student hosting plan and follow the prompts to register your domain and set up your hosting account. The process is straightforward and typically takes just a few minutes.

no, you cant use your existing domain with our student hosting plan as it comes into the premium web hosting, which is not allowed into the student hosting.

our support channels are same let it be student hosting customer, shared hosting customer or anyone who is purchasing hosting from us, support channels are same, phone, email, ticket system.

Our student hosting plan allows you to host a single website per account. If you require hosting for multiple websites, you may consider upgrading to a different hosting plan that better suits your needs.

no, we do not offer any money back with the student hosting as it is a combo of domain+hosting you get a domain and a web hosting for students so, strictly their is no money back policy.

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