How to change IP address in Webmin – Related issues and fixes for you

change ip address in webmin

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The IP address of the server needs to be changed when the IP address gets blacklisted or when you migrate the current server to a new server and much more.

Webmin has features to change the IP address but it may not work as we expected.

Furthermore, you may face many errors in your website and emails after changing the IP address because of the bad server settings.

That’s why we often get requests from our customers to fix errors related to IP address change in Webmin as part of our Technical Support Services.



Why change the IP address?

There are also times your IP address needs to be switched to a new one. This includes,

  1. When the IP address gets blacklisted
  2. After migrating the old server to the new server
  3. When needing a new server set up
  4. Switch to another IP address when the server has multiple IP addresses.

However, when you switch the IP address, it can affect the website and emails. Because the IP address is specified in your web server settings and in email client settings.

In addition, it is very simple to change the IP Address in a Linux operating system using Webmin web-based application.

Let’s see how our Support Engineers changed the IP address in Webmin.


How to change the IP address in Webmin

To change the IP address,

1. We logged into Webmin clicked on Networking menu on the left panel.

2. Here we just click on Network Configuration.

3. Then select Network Interfaces for setting up new IP address configuration.

4. Here we click on enp0s3 network interface for new IP address configuration.

(it can be named in many ways, including eth0, enp0s1, ig0 and so on, and your system may have more than one adapter)

5. Now, here we have five changes for new IP address configuration.

  1. Select Yes to enable the Network Interface and activated on boot.
  2. Select Static Configuration option in IPV4 address section.
  3. After selecting the static configuration, we enter the static IP address on IPV4 Address field.
  4. Then enter Subnet Mask on Netmask field (eg:
  5. Finally enter the Broadcast address (eg: Most probably Broadcast address is taken by the system automatically.

After all, save the settings.

6. Then, go to Routing and Gateways, select the previously configured interface name from the dropdown and enter the correct Gateway IP address in the field.

7. Click Save and go back to the main screen.

8. Click on Apply Configuration button.

We verified the IP Address of the system just by running the below command.


Now, we have configured a new IP address by using Webmin.


How we fixed change IP address related issues in Webmin

Here, we see how our Support Engineers fixed “Webmin change IP” related issues.

Webmin not working

Recently, one of our customers contacted us with an issue related to Webmin. He reported that after changing the old IP to a new IP using Webmin, he was unable to connect to the Webmin using the new IP.

Then our Support Engineers took the following steps to fix the problem

1. We checked the log file /var/log/webmin/miniserv.log to identify the problem and found that the new IP address was not configured in /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf file

2. Log into Webmin and go to Addresses and Networking -> Change IP Addresses, and there we can change references to the old IP address to the new one.

3. Finally rebooted the server.

That’s it, now the problem fixed.


Can’t log in to Webmin: getting error Secure Connection Failed

Similarly, another customer had an “Error: Secure Connection Failed” issue when trying to login to Webmin. Then our Support Engineers fixed the issue by

1. We checked the log file /var/log/webmin/miniserv.log. We identified that the problem was related to services on the server

2. So, we stopped and restarted the service as follows.



Finally, we fixed the issue in a short time.


[Having issues related to change the IP address in Webmin? We can fix it for you.]



In short, it is very easy to change the IP address by using Webmin. In addition, we also need to change the configuration settings. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers changed the IP via Webmin and solved related issues.

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