SolusVM server management – the 5 point checklist you need to look for!

SolusVM server management the 5-point checklist you need to look for!

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Isolated environment at lower cost – that’s what makes VPS instances highly in-demand compared to dedicated servers. And there are many VPS management solutions that facilitate VPS hosting.

SolusVM is one such VPS management system that enables VPS providers to easily create and manage virtual servers based on OpenVZ, Xen and KVM technologies.


SolusVM server management service – Why do you need it?


VPS nodes cannot form a drop-in replacement for dedicated servers. But with the ideal server setup, technology and resources, they can be configured to provide server management at a higher ROI for hosting providers.

SolusVM has an easy-to-manage GUI for VPS providers to manage their system. But server configuration, resource management, error debugging, service failures, all these are part and parcel of any server infrastructure.

VPS providers find it cumbersome to handle all these tasks. Moreover, you cannot afford to do trial and errors with a production system. Even a single downtime can adversely affect your business profits.

That’s where an expert SolusVM server management team can help you. Today, we’ll see the 5 tasks that form indispensable parts of top-notch SolusVM server management services.


1. Optimal server setup


From hardware node specifications to individual VPS resources, a lot of parameters impact a SolusVM infrastructure. This initial configuration and allocation plays a crucial role in SolusVM server management.

Allocating less resources to VPS nodes can save costs but can lead to poor performance and constant complaints. On the other hand, performance should not come at the cost of business profits.

With our SolusVM server management services, 1onlyhost engineers assist VPS providers implement an efficient VPS hosting system, by deriving this right balance. Here’s how we do it.


i) Our solution specialists work along the VPS providers to understand their business goals and customer preferences. We then coin out the ideal specifications for the hardware node and VPS instances, that befit this purpose.


ii) SolusVM provides support for Master and Slave servers, with underlying technologies like OpenVZ, Xen and KVM. 1onlyhost assists VPS providers to choose the virtualization and license type that best suits them.


iii) We then install and configure the Master and slave servers, and create VPS instances. Managing disks using LVM, partitioning them with minimal wastage, and network bridge configuration, form key tasks during this initial setup.


iv) VPS instances are created and resources such as disk, I/O, memory, etc. are allocated based on the plan and performance needs. The OS templates are downloaded and compiled to suit various VPS needs.


v) Required server software such as control panel, billing software, web server, etc. are installed. These services are then optimized to provide the best performance, as the default settings may not perform well when server traffic increases.


2. VPS and hardware node management


Each VPS instance in a SolusVM environment can be considered as a virtual server and requires its own set of environment with relevant server software.

Creating and managing VPS instances with adequate resources, installing OS and required server software, partitioning the disks, configuring them for best performance, all form part of SolusVM server management.

Configuring and maintaining VPS backups, installing 3rd party software, setting up websites and custom tools, adding slave nodes, etc. are also some major tasks we perform.

Service related errors, backup failures, VPS restorations, hack protection, resource crunch, user account management – the list of tasks involved in SolusVM server management are endless.


3. Advanced server security


Hackers are in the constant prowl for exploits. A single software vulnerability can make your server prone to hacks. That’s why server security plays a crucial role in SolusVM server management.

At 1 onlyhost , security is given utmost priority. For each server instance we manage, we conduct an extensive security hardening process, which includes configuring security tools such as firewalls and WAFs.

The vulnerabilities of each server software are detected and suitable tweaks or patches are applied to workaround those. Periodic server scan also include detecting potential malware and other loopholes.

Our 24/7 security team closely keeps track of security news, monitor the server logs and instantly applies security patches, whenever a zero day vulnerability is published.


4. Server software updates


Each VPS instance may require a lot of server software, ranging from web server to mail server. These software needs regular upgrades for security and feature updates.

SolusVM software also releases periodic patches and version updates. These updates have to be performed without fail, to ensure smooth functioning of the system.

OS templates, themes, billing and control panel software, etc. are other components that need periodic updates. Other 3rd party software such as Softaculous, ClamAV, ZendOptimizer, etc. also should be updated regularly.

While most software updates go smooth, some updates can fail, or adversely affect other related software. For instance, a PHP upgrade can break a website that uses deprecated functions.

In our SolusVM server management services, we plan ahead and test all updates before applying them in production system, and immediately roll back to a working state in case of catastrophes.


5. 24/7 expert monitoring


Network issues to hard disk errors, anything can affect a service adversely and lead to downtime. A proactive monitoring system is crucial to minimize such downtime.

In 1onlyhost ’ SolusVM server management service, we configure service alerts for major services, resource usage, and hardware checks such as RAID monitoring.

A service downtime can be temporarily resolved by restarting the service. But if the root cause of the issue is not detected and fixed, it can recur.

At 1onlyhost  , we debug issues in a comprehensive manner by analyzing the logs and tracing the processes. This enables us to prevent a service issue from repeating.

Monitoring the VPS resources over time periods and during peak hours, enable us to detect overloaded instances and migrate the accounts promptly to balance the load evenly.

[ Use your time to build your business. We’ll take care of your servers. Hire our SolusVM server management Specialists and ensure a stable system. ]



In hosting industry, fast and stable servers are the keys to business success. And you can easily achieve it with a world-class SolusVM server management team by your side.

If you’d like to know how we can help you boost your business by ensuring stable system configuration and efficient SolusVM server management services, we’d be happy to talk to you.

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