The Best Solution for “WordPress address URL greyed out”

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WordPress is one of the easy tool to build a variety of websites. It gains popularity due to its friendly user-interface too.

But, problems like “WordPress address URL greyed out” can make website management mess.

That’s why, we often get requests from customers to fix the problems in WordPress URL as part of our Technical Support Services.

Today, we will see why “WordPress address URL greyed out” happens and how our Support Engineers fix them.



Why “WordPress address URL greyed out” happens?

Let’s check the reasons that can result in failed edit of  WordPress URL.

Most of the blogs, music sites, news outlets, companies use WordPress which is one of the most powerful website content management system (CMS) that exist today.

There are several reasons why “WordPress address URL greyed out” occur. Usually, this happens due to the following reasons.

1. Moving WordPress Installation to another directory: – When someone moves a WordPress Installation to a different folder and forgets to delete the code in the wp-config.php file.

2. Adding SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to WordPress: – SSL is essential to protect your websites. After adding SSL, many customers forget to add website URL and this also can result in “WordPress URL greyed out”.


Related issues and How we fix “WordPress address URL greyed out”?

We recently had a client who had the same issue of “WordPress address URL greyed out”. His website was hosted in a cPanel server.

Let’s see how our Support Engineers figured it out.

In this particular case, the customer installed WordPress in a wrong directory. So he moved WordPress to a different location that resulted in URL greyed out. Therefore, to fix the issue we executed the following steps.


WordPress configuration settings

1. Basically,  the fix was to edit the home and website URL in the wp-config.php file.

2. For this, we logged into cPanel and then under File Manager we accessed the public_html file.

3. We opened the wp-config file and changed the home and site URL. As a security measure, we always ensure to take the backup before editing the configuration file.

4. We saved the file.

That fixed the problem and the “WordPress URL greyed out” was no longer showing up.


SSL settings

Similarly, we often see this error after adding an SSL certificate in the WordPress site too.

Again this problem was fixed by our Technical Engineers by setting the home and site URL in the WordPress General Settings section.

Additionally, in some cases, clients may set home and site URL in the functions.php file also. So, we set the correct value for the corresponding home and site URL in that file too.

However, prior to any edits, we always backup the configuration file. This helps us to restore the original configuration file in case of any database crash or website error.

As part of solving the problem, we always check and confirm that the entries in the WordPress database are also set properly.

 [Stuck with WordPress address URL greyed out error? We can fix it right away.]



To be more accurate, wrong setting in the WordPress configuration file can cause “WordPress address URL greyed out” error. Today, we saw the various reasons for the error and how our Support Engineers fixed the problem in live websites.

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